everybody is looking at you like they want to.


Happy sunny Christmas. Good one, utah.

Between Christmas chaos & wedding mayhem, my (& everyone assosiated with me) bedtime has been shifted to 2 AM. I have a dress, a groom & the temple. Being a nearly-wedded woman, the advice i can give is :

bag the reception.

Take the money & run, run, run.

i've been listening to this song all day.


  1. Ah, Draper is so pretty :)
    and Miniature Tigers are solid
    take luck

  2. Got your wedding invite in the mail. It's adorable! Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly for you these next few weeks. Just relax and enjoy your special day. The most important part will happen without any snags!

  3. ick. reception planning is awful! hang in there! (:

  4. Wait, what? No. reception GOOD!


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