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This was a train wreck if i've ever seen one. I wouldn't say that i'm on Ben's team. I consider myself a Bachelor ref. What a group of hand-picked girls we have this season. The Utahan lesbian (good one, ABC, good one.) & the already-attached-bathroom-cryer. This should be a trip. A genuine trip.

I drank a red bull for some false extra energy.

If you are wanting to order some prints whether it may be photos or graphics within in the valley,
persnickety prints > pro digital photos. I recommend persnickety 100%. Their customer service is phenomenal & their work is flawless. It's worth the extra few dollars.

I bought 250 coffee filters. I don't even drink coffee.

If anyone wants to donate a couch to the meg&mckay fund, we wouldn't oppose.

My man is working & will be working until 8 AM tomorrow morning. That is such a bummer.

For those newly weds & oldly weds,
any advice for the almost-hitched couple?


  1. im not newly wed nor nearly hitched. but i am college poor which brings me to the couch. two letters : DI. they are usually really cheap there and although that is kinda gross. but if you buy a nice couch cover {which is cheaper then buying a couch.} you can't even tell it was a nasty couch before!

  2. Jesse and I are selling our couches! They obviously aren't nice or anything... they are on KSL for $125 but we would be more than willing to bring that price down for you two! Let me know if you are interested :)

    Also.. you guys are going to love being married! It seriously is the greatest thing living with your best friend. All I can say is...get over the dumb things, keep the gospel the focus of your marriage, and laugh lots. :)

  3. Advice: Enjoy your last few days engaged. It's the WORST, most stressful, hectic, crazy time of your life this far. And then you get married, and all is well in the world. And you'll look back and laugh at the "engagement stage". The little things that were stressed over. The good times. The bad times. Just enjoy the journey. Every single stage.

    Also, at your reception, just take time to pull McKay to the side and just you two look out at all the people who love and support you. Whether you know them or not, they are there for a reason. And just take a moment to soak it all in. Everyone says their wedding day / reception is a blur. Just take in 1 moment and remember it perfectly. It will be well worth it.

  4. Mine & my hubby's first anniversary is on Saturday. We have been through quite a bit in our first year of marriage; being hundreds of miles away from any family, being poor as dirt, (we got our couches at DI for $60..they aren't the prettiest things ever, but they were the nicest & cleanest ones there), both working two jobs & going to school full time, & being sick for about the first 6 months of our marriage but all of the trials have made us so much closer. People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Nah! It was a piece of cake! ;) My only advice is: Be honest with each other from the beginning, Don't ever leave when you are mad at each other ALWAYS talk things out (try not to raise your voices), Make sure you are on the same page as far as your future goes, always always pay your tithing. There have been times when it was buy groceries or pay tithing then the day after we paid our tithing a check or bonus or something would come and we would have enough for all of our needs. Take LOTS of pictures, Have a date night once a week & it doesn't have to be going out to eat or a movie ever time. We like picnics up the canyon, temple & ice cream, etc. The little stuff is what means the most.
    Sorry for the novel.
    Enjoy every minute of your wedding day. Try to remember the little things. I wish I could remember more. It just went by so fast.
    ..It really is the greatest thing ever!!
    Oh, ps, my aunt was your photographer for your engagements ;)

  5. Pray together, every morning or night, its the best. Also NEVER forget to have fun. Oh and pick your battles! Congrats!!

  6. Get your Thank you notes done ASAP. I hated doing them. Don't stress about the wedding at this point - take time for you and your future hubby to be.
    Always pay your tithing. Go on a lot of dates. Pray and read scriptures together every night. Frugal is the best. Shop sales. We got our couch at Glenwood apartments for nothing. I'll let you know if they give any more away.

    Fight naked.


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