FRIDAY. (since when do i use capital letters?)


It's rather phenomenal how things start coming together.

It's been chaos. Absolute chaos. Our living situation looks like an antique book store & my SINLBF's (sister-in-law-best-friend. I hate acronyms but it is necessary.) hair has turned gray. Darn. She's only 24.

my favorite wedding places for odds & ends, life-savers, & wedding-miracle-makers:

1) Our reception venue: The Gardens at Dry Creek
Venue hunting is a wedding trial & we count the heavens above with found this charming venue in Lehi. It has the class we were searching for.

2) Ikea.
Worlds. Greatest. Fabric.

3) DI
Over 100 books & bottles. Thank you thrift stores for your old, run-down items.

4) BriAnna/SINLBF
She designed our invites.
She designed all of our graphic design tid bits that will be featured at the party.
She crafted my lace gown.
She is putting together 11 bouqets & a billion single bloom vases.
She became the sewing fairy and sewed our table toppers & runners.
She's a wedding wizard.

See you on friday, babes.

(who went through the manti temple on saturday? i did. you think the temple rocks your world just wait until you receive your endowments.)


  1. yay! so excited to photograph your married face on friday. :)

  2. random fact:

    i have played the game of mafia where you are having your reception. awesome, right? because i know hannah. :)

  3. I can't believe it's already here! I remember when you told me about McKay via text, and how confused I was. haha.
    Utah will be on my mind more than ever on Friday! I hope it all turns out wonderfully, and I'm sure it will. I can't wait to see pictures, and here about the big day. Although I'm sure it'll be awhile before you get that post out! Don't worry, I won't be antsy. I would be completely busy embracing the new married life myself if I were you.
    Good luck!

  4. I'm so excited for you both.I wish you both to be very happy.:)

  5. I hear the Manti temple is the best because they do the whole run live and not just with a video. Congratulations Megan!! I hope you have a very successful future ahead of you. Cheers.

  6. i went through the manti temple too....soooo pretty


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