nasty habit.


I have a problem.

I almost properly pose a cliche. Almost.

Such as,

Instead of saying point & case. I just feel as "case & point" rolls off the tounge a bit better. My favorite form of idiocy.

So, here is another one. I'm aware old habits fit too but,

Bad habits die hard.

No one is necessarily to blame but if i had to pin point down my faltering addiction i would say the evening of my junior prom was the initial trigger. It was the first time I had any sort of energy drink. Not because I was purposely avoiding them but because caffeine never sparked my engine.

Until red bull.

I didn't like it at first then I craved it. (That sounded like the hook line to any drug addicts novel.)

I kicked the craving until I started working 4:30 AM shifts & it became a daily habit. A protein bar & red bull for breakfast every morning. I should be dead.

I changed shifts & said goodbye to my caffeine.

& now,

It's almost 2:00 which is still early for recent nights. Wedding planning made me relapse. I had a 8 oz yesterday & a 12 oz today.

If i'm not dead by friday, see you then. It should be a party.


  1. You must be a bit saner than you thought-- "Case in point" is actually the idiom.
    But bad habits do most definitely die hard. I like that much better than old habits.

  2. Doesn't everyone say case and point? Yes. You are not the only one...


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