the perks.


Being sick is generally a great time, aside from the body-aching. Missing class is great until you have to go back.

This is my first time being sick as a married person. It's different than being sick at my parents home. That nyquil that we had to purchase was $6.00 that could have been spent elsewhere. Bummer.

Luckily, I caught this bug right in time because we got two couches, a tv & (because i'm really bad at birthday secrets) a ps3 yesterday. Go netflix.

I soaked in the bathtub & set my laptop on the toilet so I could watch a chick flick. I also repainted my nails in the tub & read a book.

My sweet husband brought me a smoothie and snuggled me without fear of getting sick too.

Now he is at work. I should be at work. I'm on the couch with 4 blankets & 6 pillows. Netflix has 7 seasons of the office. I'm starting from season 7 & working backwards.

A perk of being sick & married, you can lay on the floor naked by the heater without fear of your dad walking in.

& the final perk,
i love any opportunity i get to take nyquil. (& now the majority of you may be questioning if i have an addiction.)


  1. Haha nyquil addiction that sounds super funny! I hope you start feeling better :(

  2. You're so cute. I hope you get feeling better, but actually, being sick doesn't sound too bad ;)

  3. Your blog makes me laugh. I don't think laying naked by a heater has ever crossed my mind but fair play! I do hope you feel better soon. :)


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