the wedding // the groom.


Sometimes i just assume you know everything i do about this life i lead, as if i carry you around in my pocket. I just remembered you don't know all of the fine details, so let me share some more.

You know I fell madly in love therefore I married the man.
You know he has good abs, wears skinny ties, & has a thing for simon & garfunkel.
You may also know his name is McKay.

Let me tell you more about this boy who rocks my world.

one : he was born in utah, childhood in wisconsin but ultimately grew up in the bay area of california.
two : he loves, loves, loves soccer & baseball.
three : he served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints in Scotland & Ireland.
four : he is currently is working at a treatment center for troubled boys in their youth.
five : he will be 22 this coming month. we are 3 years apart in age.
six : he is an artist & received an art scholarship after his senior year in high school.
seven : his drug of choice is indian curry, watermelon sour patch kids & his wife.
eight : he loves the gym & it often turns into our date night.
nine : he manages to stay calm & collected in stressful situations even when the ends of my hair are frazzling.
ten : he is a man of chivalry.

any questions?


  1. I want a boy like your McKay. You guys are adorable together. :)

  2. i has a question.
    does he maybe have a younger brother?

  3. You know what's funny? Even with singing at your wedding I never really met McKay. Although, while setting up at the reception made eye contact for about 5 seconds, and from across the room he smiled and did a little wave. Fortunately I had time enough to smile back before someone rushed him off to something else. You picked a great one meg :)

  4. I feel like we're the same person! haha. Just thought I'd let you know! haha



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