the wedding // our rings.


the do's & do not's of wedding rings & the shopping that comes along with it:
do // know what you like if you are leaving it up to your love bird to do the picking.
do not // have a closed mind.
do // get whatever ring you want. If you want a ruby, sapphire- go for it. No one says a diamond is necessary.
do // go shopping, whether he is picking it out or you are. It's fun, fun, fun. I thought I wanted a simple, Tiffany's-styled, solitaire but then i realized i had a deep love for rose gold bands.
do not, do not, do not // order your almost-hubs ring 3 weeks before the wedding. He may not have a ring to exchange when you seal the deal. (really though. what a disaster. McKay ended up picking up & buying his own ring. Bad wife award.)
do // let your hubs choose his ring. It will be fast because you have about 4 choices.
do not // expect a 5k diamond. Get real, you aren't a Kardashian.
do // get your ring cleaned often. I pop into our jeweler every few weeks. My ring's favorite thing to do is collect dirt.
do not // be a baby if you leave it up to your man to pick out your ring & you don't like it.
do // get a comfort-fitted ring for your sweetheart. He will love his jewelry even more.  


  1. oooh i love your ring! it is so unique! probably not my style but i still like it a lot :) this is great advice for that someday when i get married. thanks!

  2. It's beautiful :) So excited for you to have begun such a wonderful adventure :)


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