my sweet husband turns 22 tomorrow & i am birthday killer. Not by choice. I have been denying a nasty cold that has been trying to take over my life the last few days. I woke up early this morning to put up a few decoration before McKay was conscious enough to know I was being sneaky. I knew I wouldn't make it long before ending up on the floor due to dizziness. I whipped up his favorite grasshopper pie & climbed back into bed with him. That is where i stayed all day.

Our date plans & dinner reservations resulted in a red box, snuggling on the couch, kind of evening which is still so lovely. I suppose his birthday weekend will turn into a birthday week.

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  1. Hey Meg. You should come to the BYU Blogger Meet-up. First, it's for all bloggers in the area, and some UVU and cosmetology students will be there. Also, because I can see you rocking a party like this. But mainly because it would be lovely to meet you :)

    Here's more info. It would be awesome to see you soon.



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