because i am getting progressively worse at blogging.


Remember when i was abnormally crafty, clever & semi-interesting? That was awhile ago.

Bad news,
our apartment will never look like pinterest which unfortunately transfers over to the blog. Everything is looking a little ugly but i'm loving life as ugly as it is. Guess what, i cook dinner nude (ooohhh, you feel so uncomfortable.) & we go to bed too late because we choose to watch modern family. It's a good life. Get married, you'll know.

Someday i will get on my soap box about the cultural bandaid that needs to be ripped off of utah county. Before that happens I am getting my degree in marriage & sexuality so i can show the stats before my opinion gets me in trouble. To relieve my building irriatation, let me just say: To the parents that think it's inappropriate to talk about (prepare yourself for the S word) sex openly with your children, perhaps you should wonder why your kids are getting knocked up & pornography is become the most popular closet hobby.

Certain places and activities use to be more hip, fun & delicious was i was seven. We are trying to make it more of a habit to have a temple & treat night often. Last night we had the lovely opportunity to go through the temple with our very favorite person, Evan Kirby. It was wonderful. Afterwards husband & i went to Baskin Robbins. It was such a privilege to go there when i was elementary school. Last night, I felt betrayed by their poor quality. Fail.

We went to McDonalds for a mango smoothie & McFlurry after.

Of every campus there are certain nooks that are sought after for sitting, pinning, studying if you are a good student & essentially for skipping class. If you find an empty nook (particularly the ones at UVU by the library with personal circular chairs) the likelihood of attending your next class is low. Hence why i am here.

I like to plan little delights throughout the week so i have a inkling of motivation to do things i would rather not like attend school, write meaningless papers, run on the treadmill & clean. Tonight, since McKay works until midnight, Bri (everyone should know her by now if not she is my sister in law, best friend, wedding dress maker, florist, graphic designer & wedding coordinator) & I will be attending The Vow. I am just excited as every other woman in the nation. I even wore my water proof mascara. Sunday the Walking Dead starts again. Admittedly I am more excited for that than The Vow. Tuesday McKay & I have reservations at Tucano's. Here's to motivation & happy things.

I painted my fingernails black. That was a bad idea, especially with this sad weather.

Trench coats & pipes make me uncomfortable, especially when the same person has both.

9:46 AM.
I'm going to class & leaving my nook for another lucky student.

Oh & no,
I am not pregnant because I am pinning an excessive amount of baby clothes. I am just a little hungry to be mother. It's fine. I blame her.


  1. nude cooking is the greatest.
    being married is the greatest.
    and if you are still feeling baby hungry in september, you can babysit anytime you want. :)

  2. being baby hungry is the worst. you get over it though, with enough pregnancy scares and crying on the toilet after taking a test, it's just not worth it. we went to Tucanos for Valentine's last year; it's sublime. have fun! (p.s. when i'm at uvu, we'll meet up and not go to class together.)

  3. I totally agree with you about the whole sex subject. Hence, i being a young married woman, have no problem with giving my peers an honest answer to any question they have. Remember our fun conversations at CBG? I hope they helped :)

  4. The link you posted at the end is missing the ".blogspot" part, so it took me to some weird place. Just thought you should know!


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