from the brides room.


january 6, 2012

dear mom,

I always miss you but some days are easier than others. We are lucky to have BriAnna. She helped me into my tights, spankies, and dress without messing up my hair. She left and the temple workers did too. I wondered what it would feel like standing here, married, in the bridal's room without you here. It's bittersweet. You are here. Especially here, within the temple. It would be nice if I could psychically give you a hug but I am alone here in the bride's room. I know how proud you are of me. I also know how excited you are for your only daughter to be married. You wanted to plan more of it, I'm sure. McKay will take care of me, mom. I love him. He loves me too. I am so excited for you to meet him someday. You will think he is so handsome. I hope you liked my shoes. I don't come in contact with glitter very often but I figured you would appreciate them. This would have gone more smoothly with you here. To help plan, handle my stress-caused breakdowns, and give me all the advice that you feel like I should have. I imagine you are the cause for the gorgeous weather. It is so warm for a day in January. Mom, I am happy. Really, really, happy. The kind of happiness you hoped for me. I love you madly & miss you terribly.

your daughter,


  1. I just want you to know this touched me deeply. As I've recently gotten married (only a couple weeks before you), I can only imagine what this must have felt like for you.
    Much love from a random girl you went to high school with.

  2. I feel like this about my dad a lot. It's not quite the same, because there are things only a mother can do for her daughter. I am so grateful for my mom, but I do feel like I would have been quite the daddy's girl.

    I know she's happy for you. You're creating a beautiful life any mother would be proud of.

  3. Wow this is beautiful. :) It touched me deeply bringing me to tears even though we don't know each other. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Geez, girl. Make me cry.

    Hugs. So glad I could be with you that day.

  5. oh my lanta - as if i'm not emotional enough tonight. 3rd blog i've read tonight that has put me into tears. this calls for a nutella session.

    really though, this is lovely. your mother is so proud of you - how could she not be?

  6. you moved me to tears instantly. I just want you to know how much of an inspiration and role model you are to me. You push throw your hardships and don't let anything stop you. Your diligence and courage amazes me. Thank you:)

  7. i literally had chills the whole time i read this. i can't even imagine.. i'm trying not to cry, only because i am at work. you are so strong. i don't know how you do it. you are an inspiration meg. thank you.

  8. This just made me tear up, what a sweet, heartfelt letter to your mother on your special day...I am sure she was there with you too, smiling! So perfectly said...I can only imagine! <3


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