i will (& most definitely not.)


i will never own a PT cruiser or a minivan (unless it is free, including gas & insurance. It must also come with an invisibility cloak.)

i will forever shop at thrift stores for clothes, furniture & other treasure.

i will never, ever buy lingerie at a thrift store though. Ever.

i will always prefer Winco to any other grocery store as a newlywed.

i will never, ever, ever, ever wear leggings with uggs or look-alike uggs.

i will always strive to be a better cook than I currently am.

i will always bake in the place of cooking.

i will never like little ceasers pizza.

i will never, ever, ever own a tiny dog unless it is fluffy.

i will always take more snuggle time with McKay than go to school.

i will always blog.

(i will also always love that photo for no particular reason.)


  1. i will always wish i had been cool enough to make a wall like that.

    i will always read your blog.

    i will always giggle at your hate of uggs.

  2. i love that list. and i love that picture and wall as well.


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