my life doesn't look like a pinterest board.


I've been journal writing more often than I use to which produces stories with full sentences and more adjectives than necessary. I also have forgotten about this tiny slice of my life.

Probably because I love this slice of my life more.

My name is Megan Livingston & I am 19. I am also married. I don't have the liberty to say I was almost twenty either. I spent 3 months as an engaged 18 year old. It's okay to think I am young, because I am. You can also think that I am too young but who is to say when that is.

We make late night ice cream runs and take sunday naps together. I bake too much and cook too little but we attend the gym often. We work full time and we are also full time students. Our favorite date is to the pet store with our 3 year old niece because we want one just like her. We get irritated sometimes because that's what best friends do. We don't agree on everything either. I cry over nothing and he holds me a bit tighter than normal. We have our own home. It smells like cat pee and grandma if I don't burn my Anthro candle all day long. Our TV is currently on a tupperware box and I don't have berlap as drapes because my life doesn't look like a pinterest board. I say hell sometimes. McKay laughs. He does the dishes for me after I bake because he knows that I would rather stick my hand down the toilet than clean off crusty frosting. I watch the Bachelor religiously every Monday evening, & the evening before that, we cheer on Rick during the Walking Dead. We are a tiny family and it is a new kind of happiness.


I'm young.
and married.
and we're doing just peachy.


  1. amen to the walking dead.
    hear hear

  2. adjusting to being married is so extremely hard. you're doing great though, i promise. it all comes with time. if you need anything please let me know.

  3. your life is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Being young and married is the best. No matter what the 90% of people that are overly judgmental think. It is amazing. Enjoy it because it goes by way too fast.

  5. This is the cutest. So jealous.

  6. Smiled while reading this whole post.

  7. Meg, you are lovely.
    You get an A+ in Life.

  8. this is my favorite post.
    favorite part? i say hell sometimes.

    love your blog.


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