one month.



Marked one month of being married.

We've learned so much about each other & fallen even further in love. It's a splendid life.

I have learned,
-without a crock pot, we wouldn't ever have dinner.
-McKay & I would rather snuggle in the morning than go to school.
-we're best friends & we get peeved sometimes. it's fine.
-that just because we are considered adults due to our martial status doesn't mean we can't make 2:00 AM Walmart runs for treats.
-Our apartment does not, nor ever look like a pinterest board until we are done paying tution. (Our TV stand is a tupperware box. Let me pin that.)
-KSL rocks our world when it comes to furniture.
-we will never get to bed before midnight.

Go married life.

1 comment :

  1. Pretty much every piece of furniture in our house came from KSL. It is definitely the greatest on a budget.


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