I never used to have a fear of people or their opinions. Perhaps it's not that I particularly care now but more of a lack of energy to dispute their faulty views. I use to be more open. I use to be okay with telling you some of the  more personal details of my life.

I was more interesting then.

I am filtered. I should have practiced that a little bit more & some still think I should put a filter over my mouth.

I put my words elsewhere now so my opinion doesn't get me in trouble. I am going to stop doing that. We're going to get back to normal. The reason why you started reading in the first place.


  1. You're married, you're more mature, that changes your perspective on things. There are some things now That you just don't want to share. It's totally normal. You finally have one thing all to yourself (your husband, your house, your own family, whatever) and you shouldn't have to share that. Enjoy it! Be selfish while you can!

  2. so true. i think as much as we like it or as much as we don't, we all read this blog to feel like we are somewhat apart of your life still. we find too much comfort in your blog for you to stop letting us in.

  3. USED*

    someone already said it. never mind!!


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