the woman in black.


After seeing and reading about a few bloggers who have been spiritually maimed due to this movie and reading relatively high reviews from movie critics, I called it a girls nights. I deliberately did not bring my husband. Mostly because I wanted to be exposed to as much horror as possible and he dampens that.

Becky & I took our spots on the back row.

96 minutes later, I understand why it is advised not to go.

*Slight spoilers ahead. If you care to read them, you'll still attend this movie & you will still pee your pants.

Overall, not being a scary-movie person in the first place, it was good. The plot was a bit more complex than some others I have seen. I appreciated the UK-styled setting as well. Harry Potter did great- by that I mean, he did well acting terrified because that's what he did the entire movie. I was hoping for a plot that was scary but that has yet to happen. Though the concept of a crazy mother losing her son which results in killing off the rest of the children in the village is terrifying, it is unlikely. My hands were plastered on my face & thumbs over my ears for the majority of the time because I do not like the feeling of my heart restarting when the camera pans over, Janet, the woman in black. As the climax begins, as Harry realizes that Janet needs to be reunited with her son. He drags Sam along to help. I felt like it was brilliant to have Sam, skeptical about the supernatural & his wife, a medium for the dead children, as a couple. I felt completely stressed out as Harry started to twist and wind up those particularly creepy toys but it was oddly sweet his endeavor to join the mother and son. Janet, however, is the most ungrateful demon I have ever met. After she comes flying into his face (I didn't actually see this part because I was trying to not spoil my undies) Harry feels a peace, the rocker stops rocking violently & he scurries on to the train station. (What mother rocks her child like that, really?) With high hopes his round-faced, 4 year old son hasn't committed suicide due to the temptations of Janet, it was a relief to the audience when he bounced of the train. Of course until the selfish mother is standing on the other side of the train tracks. The 2nd to last scene gave me anxiety. Seeing a tiny 4 year old and Harry blown to pieces by a train was quite the curve ball. Janet should have left a thank you note but instead she decided to continue murder children. Then Harry & his son ends up atthe platform 9 & 3/4 with his deceased wife waiting for him. Ironic. The last scene made all the happiness and joy drain from my soul when you finally see the face of the woman in black then she looks into your soul.

Sure, go see it. It's scary & lots of little kids die.


  1. "the most ungrateful demon I have ever met." Okay I laughed out loud at that part! I thought the movie was pretty decent. It was made a million times better when at the end of the movie my husband shouted platform 9 3/4 in a British accent for everyone to hear. I'm so glad that you pointed that out. haaaaa.

  2. I just saw the movie yesterday and usually I don't really get scared in scary movies but my heart just about had it by the time the movie was over. I was in full on fetal and about nearly peed myself.

  3. Jeez! I get scared in the ring I don't think my wee little heart could handle such a movie.

  4. i love the fact that you refer to him only as harry. thanks for that. haha

  5. The woman in black wasn't a selfish mother! She helped reunite Radcliff and his kid with his wife/mother, just as Radcliff did for her and her child. ;)

  6. hahaha i like that you call her janet. the worst worst worst part was when that little boy crawled out of the mud in the marsh and walks toward the house.....and rattles the doorknob...ahhhhhhhh what a terrible movie!!!! and you're right, she should have written a thank you note. what a b. but it was good, admittedly.


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