I believe that Cafe Rio soaks their sweet pork in nicotine. I could eat there every day & still wake up craving it.

I also think the following at drug-influenced foods:

1: the victoria's fillet from Outback.

2: mint oreo pie shakes from Sammy's.

3: Salt & vinegar chips.

I also think that Cafe Rio should be open 24 hours, like McDonald's. The world would be a better place. 


  1. Gooo Costa Vida. Noooo Cafe Rio!! WOOOO

  2. I AGREE. Completely. Someone should seriously look into a 24 hour Cafe. They'd get my business.

  3. cafe rio open 24 hours? i have never agreed with a statement so much. let's make it happen!

  4. I promise we do not drug our shakes. I think. I can't be sure because even I'm addicted.

  5. 24hr cafe rio would be bomb. i always hate how the only thing open late is fast food. cafe rio would make bank off my purchases alone if they were open at all hours of the night.

  6. i'm lactose intolerant and still get mint oreo pie shakes all the time.
    they're way too delicious.

  7. you forgot to add, oreo moulten lava cake from chili's.
    to. die. for! and probably weighs as much as i do.

  8. A-to the freakin'-MEN. the more I eat at cafe rio, the more I want to eat there. I went 4 times in a weekend once. I'm not ashamed.


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