another nail secret.


I can't afford to pay $7.00 per China Glaze. I also can't stand cheap nail polish.

I found this website.

China Glaze is $3.00 each but shipping is a bit steep. If you live in Utah, it will be $11.80 for shipping but you make up the difference with the inexpensive polish.

This is my spring collection thus far.

one : No-Chip Top Coat. I've been through quite a few top coats & so far I like this one the most. I adore the high-gloss look & this top coat stays shiny. It also hardens quickly. I have a no-smudge allowable.

two : Happy Go Lucky. I have a thing for bold colors.

three : Flip Flop Fantasy. Oh, this is the perfect balance between pink & coral. Also, it looks like it glows in dim lighting. I love the Poolside collection. I hope to own them all someday (soon.)

four : Peachy Keen. Neutrals make me feel a little bit weird. I am trying though. I love this color but sometimes it reminds me of fry sauce. If you aren't a resident of Utah, that won't bother you. It's a lovely, summery color though (that makes me hungry.)

five : Secret Peri-Wink-Le. I love, love, love, love, love periwinkle despite the awkward name. This is the perfect shade.

six : First Mate. I love navy nails. It's a flattering color for everyone. It has just enough spice but it won't offend the elderly. I have a feeling that this will be my go-to color.

seven : Shocking Pink. I don't generally like pinks. It's not my cup of tea. However this is a crazy pink.  My sort of pink. Also a part of the poolside collection.

eight : Recycle. Gray is the hottest color around. I was a tiny bit worried about this color after I applied the first coat. It wasn't as opaque as I expected. It did take 3 coats (6, if you count the 1 base & 2 top coats) but it is gorgeous on. I avoid any sort of beige color & i appreciate that this is a true gray.

So tell me, favorite color, brand, tips. Feed this newly found fetish of mine.


  1. I feel like the hole in the middle is made especially for my color.

  2. I love nail polish as well...I can't go into a beauty store without buying a new color. If you get a Sally's rewards card (it costs $5, but they give you a $5 off coupon) you can get nail polish at a discount (usually about 60-75 cents per bottle) and usually when you buy a color you get a top or base coat free. China glaze and finger paint nail polish cost $4.99 w/ your rewards card.

  3. Mel's comment - very helpful:)

    call me crazy, but i've found that i love several of forever 21's polishs. they go on quite nicely, but often times take 2 coats. if you use a nice top coat, they don't chip as easy. and, they're only 2.80. woop woop!

  4. Um, I think I need that grey. Grey and yellow are my new favorite colors. Also, fry sauce, haha! Funny.

  5. OPI is what's used in this house. However, I just decided to go and buy pretty much all of the colors you listed from the website you suggested. I got the top coat, Happy Go Lucky, Secret Peri-Wink-Le, First Mate, Shocking Pink, and Recycle. The other two were out of stock. Instead I got Re-Fresh Mint, Four Leaf Clover, and First Class Ticket. Hope someone appreciates them, ha.

  6. Oh! I have a list for my next order & re-fresh mint is number 1.

  7. I like Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. It's only $2.50 at Target and I've had it stay one without chipping for 3 days before! Beautiful. I'm sort of bored of their drug store collections right now, but the color I most recently bought is Coral Reef. It's a coral-pink color and HOLY HECK I ADORE IT. Their colors are hit or miss though-- the sparkly ones tend to chip pretty fast, so I stay away from them. I just used Celeb City, which is a sparkly silver, on my toes and I LOVE IT!!!

  8. i want all of those. right this second.

  9. Peachy Keen - Out of stock.
    I blame you, Meg.

  10. Meg, I have to say I absolutely love your blog! You are fantastic!

  11. four words: hunger games nail polish.

  12. i love essie.
    their colors are so rich and never chip.

  13. If you like nail polish, have I got a link for you!! I gave my daughter two sets of these for Christmas, and it is now 2x/day that she is painting, repainting, and repainting some more. There is SOOOOO much you can do with them -and I love the creative stuff she comes up with. Plus there are free refills!!

    Here's the link:

  14. Finally someone with my same addiction! Nowwww you just need to stop with all this china glaze stuff and try Butter! It is by far the best brand and totallyyyy worth the price. It goes on soooo evenly (you dont have to work at it) anddd it stays on forever. I use to be an Essie addict... i am converted. But i must sayy... i think i will try some china glaze!


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