because we want to make a tiny person.


McKay & I are a tiny bit baby hungry. (the phrase "baby hungry" is a weird one.) The names are picked out & when we go to the mall, I have to stop into Crazy 8 & The Children's Place. I have a board for pinning all things baby & my favorite blogs to stalk are the kinds with tiny toes & fingers.

Luckily, we get to snatch our niece, Abby & nephew, Evan often. They are our favorite people to hang out with. We make a pillow fort, watch the incredibles & eat cereal without milk. Our weekend was tip top, especially with the sunshine in the valley.

McKay: what day of the week is your favorite, abby?
Abby: Preschool.
McKay: What do you learn about at preschool?
Abby: About Jesus.
McKay: What do you know about Jesus?
Abby: Amen.


  1. These are some of the best pictures of the kids in quite a while. Love it.
    Headshots for me soon pretty please?

  2. Yay for crash course in parenting 101! When the time is right you two will make excellent parents! can you not you guys have practice already :) Your conversation with Abby is so sweet! I teach a 7 year old class at church and need to write down the funny things they have said to me!

  3. I just love they way you write. i wish i could write like that. jealous.


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