The Walking Dead's season finale ended 14 minutes ago. The last three episodes have been amazing.

Due to the fact I am completely worked up, I will compile my thoughts in list form.

1: Good riddance, Shane. That scene was perfect. Between the blood spit bubble as Shane's last breath & Carl blowing of zombie-shane's head. Oh, it was so great. Lori needs to get a grip on the entire situation. Who's side is she on? Rick or Shane's? I suppose she doesn't have a choice now. I assume her pregnancy hormones are affecting her sanity.

2: Michonne.
I haven't read the comic books where this brilliant TV series originates from, however, I've heard about it. As we were watching this final episode, half of the people in the room fell out of their chairs when this person with pet zombie's saves Andrea. Apparently she is hardcore to say the least.

3: Even though during the first season Andrea irritated me, she is a good shot.

4: Carol & Daryl? Are they in love? I'm not sure what the deal is. I had bets that she would be one to die. Also, T Dog, he has no  purpose.

5: Oh the final shot of the prison was great. They are so good at making me want more.

6: This will be the longest 6 months of my entire life.


  1. i agree with everything you said. and what is the deal with lori? the way she reacted when rick told her the truth about shane... she needs to get her act together.

  2. Completely addicted to this show. Next season couldn't come fast enough!

  3. agreed. agreed. agreed. on all accounts. ive always hated andrea too! but found myself feeling guilty for hating her when she got separated from the group haha and i love rick. he is perfect. and so good. everyone needs to get off his case.

  4. You should watch Pretty Little Lairs!!! You would love it! PROMISE (:

  5. i agree with everything you just said. and when michonne showed up i honestly peed myself i was so happy. i also had bets with my brother that t dog and carol would die. what a way to end the season!!
    cannot wait for october

  6. I agree!!!!
    Also with the other comment about Pretty Little Liars you would LOVE it!


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