i am particularly chipper & scattered today.


Admittedly, I drink more Red Bull than I should.

My ring size is 4 & a half.
Please, take a gander at my spider fingers.

I re-painted my nails today.
March 29, 2011.
I was asked to my senior prom.

March 29, 2012.
The sweetest boy I know visited me at work
to deliver a kiss & a snack.
I crave to shop
but I would rather buy a steak than a shirt.

If anyone would like to decorate our apartment,
I will pay you in cupcakes & love.
Has anyone visited the city creek center?
yea or neigh? (as in the horse, neigh.)
this store has tiny baby boy oxfords.
i could just die.
(Go away, baby hunger, go away.)

does this format make you nauseous?
Great, me too.


  1. city creek is both yay and nay.
    yay for it being GORGEOUS.
    nay for it being expensive (i'm talking hardly any good sales...anywhere).

    baby oxfords. yum.

  2. Wait, you're allowed Red Bull? I thought the rule was no caffeine or alcohol!

  3. same ring size! yay for tiny fingers.
    and i dunno what it is about being a newlywed, but my husband and i need redbull to survive. I totally feel ya! haha

  4. I love City Creek! such a cool place!

  5. It is a popular misconception that Mormons can't drink caffeine. We can. :) and gladly do :)

  6. I wouldn't say that we are "allowed" caffeine. we are to refrain from anything addictive. so if it becomes an addictive behavior that is the problem. but i think tis funny how so many LDS people SCORN at people drinking a cup of coffee but don't bat an eye at drinking coke, pepsi, or energy drinks which in my mind are really no different.

  7. it was good to see you at the gym today. your and your man are hands down the cutest. it makes me jealous. and city creak is gorgeous.


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