I seem to be emotionally invested in certain things & actives that I need to wean myself away from.

1: The Bachelor (New girl, Modern Family, The Office, The Walking Dead, & ANTM- but mostly The Bachelor.)
Ben, you're an idiot. You broke my heart when you broke Kacie's. Best of luck with Courtney. She's a winner.

2: Baking.
McKay said today, "I'm so hungry, I just keep eating cookies." I need to cook more.

3: Reese's McFlurries with extra reese's.
How McKay & I conditioned ourselves to crave McDonald's McFlurries every night after 12:00 AM is beyond me. It needs to stop.

I should be more emotionally invested in,

1: School.
That's not going well. I have never hated English more than I do this semester.

2: Guns.
McKay really likes guns. I think it's a boy thing & I wish I could love them more than I do. We went shooting over the weekend. I couldn't help thinking that I was blowing off zombie heads with every shot. I like shooting, however, i do not like when the shell casing goes down my shirt & burns my cleavage. That was a horrible experience.

3: Crafting.
You should see our apartment. It looks like a bachelor pad.


  1. the walking dead...oh my gosh yes. it kills me. but i love it.

  2. Awee guns I love guns! I even had a pink pistol I would high suggest them they make you feel sexy for having a pink gun and like a bad A for having your own gun ;)

  3. I Love love love guns. Shooting is one of my favorite things. I haven't been in forever. I even have my own hunting rifle that i got for Christmas 3 years ago!

  4. I hate English this semester too! My class struggles.

  5. Haha that is awesome about shooting off Zombies heads!


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