I knew that marriage would be a progressive learning process. I wasn't aware that I would learn so quickly.

I have learned that the knock-off brand of food doesn't mean it will taste like foot.
I also know that paying tithing comes first. Not bills.
Pregnancy scares are scary but seeing a negative sign will always be sad.
I will always love flowers when I come home from work.
The likelihood of my text-response is low. Feel free to call me because texting was only fun in classes I wasn't paying for.
Married people double dating is more fun than double dating with singles. Good news, the sexual tension isn't so high. You don't need to watch a movie just to make out on the couch.
I still whip my hair right before I see McKay after work.
I still call my dad for help.
Friday nights are for naps & pilates because husband works late. I don't like being a socialite anymore. It's too exhausting.
I am afraid of our neighborhood so I run to my car when it's dark outside.
This is a happy time & I'm so lucky to be here.


  1. Haha I feel like I was married with you in that post! you have a way with words. I love you being married :)


  2. Love these! Married life to a T. :)

  3. All I have to say about the pregnancy scares is MULTIPLE METHODS. This post is so true to married life lol. Love it.

  4. I love this! I have been teasing my husband that my popularity went down by 98% just by getting married! I kind of love that though......all our weekends consist of redbox and pizza and a lot of each other :)


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