march 17, 2011.


It was a bit of an understatement to say that I was nervous. You would be nervous too if a fictional-feeling creature was coming to life, like harry potter. He was just my pen pal. He was a monthly piece of paper with drawings. I didn't know 3 dimensional McKay.

He was back on American soil & I was anxious.

Annie, with her perfectly maintained hair & I, in my pony tail, popped over to to McKay's sisters home. She was, after all, the reason we became pen pals. He answered the door & I mentally peed all over myself. So did Annie.

He was dashing. A nice jawline & he smelt like candyland- you know, the sexy kind. He was quiet & I avoided eye contact. We were already in love. We knew it & attempted to avoid it for a day or two.

I woke up with my pen pal in my bed. We snuggled & I kissed his cheek.

Cheers to rapidly moving love stories.


  1. oh, i love this so very much.
    i feel as if one day i might be able to relate.
    (wait, what? yes.)

  2. Didn't this happen on March 17th 2011?

  3. Oh my! What a cute story! Have you been posting the rest of it?

  4. oh my i love this. and i love the sleeves on your wedding dress holy GORGEOUS. keep posting about young married life please cuz that's me in two months and i. can't. wait. !!! i love reading about you and mckay, so so fun!

  5. love this.
    love you guys.

    too cute.


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