oh, where did you go?


My childhood held a lot of execptional things that I have seen disappear which causes me great sorrow. So, in memorial to the happier things that others have chosen to discontinue to destroy our childhood:

1: The Furby. There is no need for an explanation.

2: The Magic School Bus & Bill Nye.
College student grades would increase if science teachers taught more like Mrs. Frizzle.

3: The original flavors from Tropical Starbursts.
You know, the green & red kind. I am over the yellow and purple. They taste like perfume.

4: Lisa Frank anything.
This coming semester I am going to invest in some multicolored dolphin notepads.


  1. Haha the furby!! I remember we had really slow dial up internet but my sister and I would plan it so just as my Mom was walking in the room we would happen to be on the furby website....so she would know how badly we wanted it for Christmas! haha

  2. I agree completely about the tropical starbursts.

  3. agreed on the yellow and purple starbursts...hate them

  4. I miss those green starbursts! I loved furbys!:)

  5. 1. yes 2. yes 3. yes 4. YESS!

  6. I work at the Bean museum on BYU campus and we always have the Magic School bus playing on one of our TV's. i absolutely love it

  7. i had a squishy binder with a tree frog and a unicorn on it. lisa frank is a brilliant woman.

  8. they TOTES taste like perfume!!!!


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