things i love.


 I could watch season 3 of The Office & be completely satisfied. It's not the same without Michael.

Even though we're married, McKay & I still play the question game. It's resulted in questions like, "If I was a bird, what kind & why?" Apparently I would be a penguin.

Captain crunch with berries for breakfast.

Reading The Hunger Games for the 3rd time knowing the movie comes out in 2 days & 7 hours.

Peachy Keen & First Mate from China Glaze. Lovin' for my nails.

This weather report for our tiny town.


  1. Dude. I just read it for the fourth time. I know how you feel.

  2. Love it. :) What a great list. SO excited for the hunger games!

  3. Love the weather report! I can't wait to play outside!

  4. every time i read your blog i gain a bigger craving for marriage. i love it!

    p.s. hunger games for life


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