this is disgusting.


I am a chronic nail-picker. When i get nervous or antsy in any way, I will pick my nails until they are stubby. I know that is disgusting & I am working on it.

For motivation, I keep up with my nail maintenance. No chips or smudges allowed. With semi-pretty nails results in lower chance of tearing them apart.

It is working.

Too bad I have a nail polish-buying fetish now.

Tonight I repainted. I've tried the accent nail & feel awkward every time. This time is no different.

Currently wearing: Shocking Pink & Recycle by China Glaze.


  1. Is that 'flip flop fantasy'? I just got done painting mine florescent pink as well (flip flop fantasy. Ha.) I wish it was shiny though, it's stressing me out!

  2. i love doing the accent nail.
    mostly because i can't decide between two colors.

  3. I have to paint mine, too! Your nails look great! Good luck :)

  4. -If you're counting down to Hunger Games (two days!) you should feed your fetish with the new collection. So good.

  5. I thought I was the only one who did that. Most people bite their nails but I paint, then pick off and finally paint again. Its a never ending cycle haha!

  6. to be honest
    As excited as I get
    when you post a new blog post,
    I also get a little depressed knowing
    its probably going to be 12 to 24 hours
    before you post another entry...
    sometimes even longer...
    since I've changed my blog and crossed over to a whole new account, you are the only blog I religiously read.
    this is such a problem..
    I feel like some creepy stalker,
    but I promise I'm not
    I just love your blog
    and I love your beautiful stories and how you & your man are beginning your life together like me and my mister are and we are the same age.. and are misters are the same age too... I think.. or close.
    it feels good to read your blog and see someone else is going through the same thing I am...
    learning new things about their other half, & trying to be grown ups while still being fun and young.
    I love it!
    I bake more than I cook too.
    If you find any good cooking recipes pass them this way because I think my household is on its way to becoming obesity if I don't stop soon


  7. i have a hard time with bright colors on my nails cause i pick at it when i'm nervous too. i usually have to stick to the light dull colors - but recently i'm loving to venture out. i even tried black. *GASP* i'm loving gray though, and bright colors. that shocking pink is wonderful. makes you look tan:)

  8. This looks identical to my polish collection/nails! I have always had a nail polish fetish. China Glaze is the BEST nail polish! By the way, they are on sale at Sally's right now 2 for $10. Just in case you didn't know! If you have the points card, they're $3 dollars a piece! I bought 4 yesterday. You can never have too many nail polishes, I always say. Your nails look so cute!

  9. I'm loving mine. I'd like a glitter that's more of a soft pinky gold and less bronzy. I'll keep my eyes out for one.

    Let's get a million people together and make a big fatty order. What's the website?

  10. i'm the exact same way. i stopped biting my nails about 4 months ago and now i can't stop painting them. literally a different color every single day. our apartment looks like a nail salon.

  11. Oh girl, I have those exact same problem, always picking at my nails, so painting them to keep them from getting destroyed, resulting in spending too much money on nail polish... I just tried the accent nail out again, still feel a little awkward about it as well, but it might be growing on me. Your nails look beautiful!


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