after dark.


I get weird when I get tired. Not lukewarm, look-how-cute-and-quirky-i-am kind of weird but the completely hysteric kind.

Usually I can pinpoint when I cross the line from still-thinking trying to sleep to the realm of complete thoughtlessness. That is my favorite place to be. Last night the line was so fuzzy, I might have missed the first stage entirely. I do remember adjusting my pillow and slurring my goodnight "i love you."

I woke up this morning & felt fine. As far as I was concerned the only thing that was between the thoughtless stage and waking up was my bizarre dream about a mob of bloggers coming after me with guns. (A balanced mix between my hobbies & McKay's.)

That wasn't actually the case.

Later today, McKay asked if I was doing okay. It wasn't a mid-day, "how are you?" either. It was more of a "how's your sanity?" I said fine because I am. He continued.


After I had fallen asleep, McKay wasn't as fortunate surrendering to fatigue. He went to the living room to skim through Netflix, even though we have watched most of the tolerable shows & documentaries. He looked up & there I was. Standing with tears running down my face and I said nothing. McKay followed me back to bed, tucked me in because I'm four years old, and asked if I was crying because I missed him. I guess I made a noise that sounded like yes & fell back to sleep.

I don't have recollection of that last part. How weird.

After I fall asleep, anything can happen, I guess.


  1. That is so funny! I do the exact same thing when I am tired, which ends up being like every night. My poor husband!

  2.'s not pretty when I get tired.
    Im crazy. And not cute crazy. like can't stop laughing-are-you-high kind of crazy.
    Love that you can relate!


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