crossing my fingers for artistic children.


McKay is an artist & he's nothing short than absolutely fantastic. He drew President Hinckley when he was 17.

I love when I come home & find this.
Our tiny kitchen has been turned into an art studio.


  1. how lovely. what a wonderful thing to come home to.
    and that picture of president hinckley? incredible.

  2. That picture is absolutely glorious! You two are definitely the cutest couple on the block! (with the way you talk about the neighborhood, it probably isn't too hard to be) ha ha just kidding but really.

  3. I love seeing that picture at Joyce's house!

  4. I don't know if your husband went to Lehi or not, but I clearly remember seeing that President Hinckley picture around school when I was a wee little sophomore there. Its amazing.

  5. That is so awesome meg!! Wow he is an amazing artist for sure!! I'm sure you guys will be blessed with adorable talented children!!!

  6. What a fantastic talent your hubby has, and I love that you embrace the kitchen as an art studio too...yay for the arts!!! :)


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