i prefer being topped, not topless.


I believe that you can wear chiffon tops all year round. I have recently fell in love with this store. & this the the majority of my wishlist. I like collars. A lot.

A trip was made to the campus of BYU today & this is what a do not like:
A surplus of human beings in jeans & their super comfortable, new balance shoes. I understand that the campus is massive but please, purchase some comfy boots or knock-off oxfords.


This is what i'll be doing this weekend. Hope to see you there.


  1. Use code Joana20 for 20% off! TOO GOOD. I spent too much money today. Online shopping will be the death of me.

  2. Amen. I hate when people wear shoes that look like running shoes all day, every day. If you must wear a tennis shoe, what's wrong with Vans or Converse huh?


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