saturday lovin'


this is beside the point, but
we had friends over last night & they found a black widow outside the door of our apartment. That was enough for me to want to pack up & move across the country. Husband shot it with a BB gun. Efficient.

Today i love,

anything awolnation.

freshly painted nails. (Of course, I do.) Sun worshiper by China Glaze.

waking up before husband & kissing his sleeping face before i go to work.

re-reading the hunger game series (third time's the charm.), minus mocking jay. Who needs a bad ending? Not i.

plans to make our apartment less ugly.

this weather report for the 84097:

happy 3 months & one day of marriage to McKay & i.


  1. perfect weather coming our way. i cannot wait.

  2. congrats on the 3 months and 1 day meg ( & mckay. ) :)
    perfect weather >

  3. I've recently climbed on the Awolnation train as well.

  4. Kind of loving this song! I saw AWOLNATION perform last year at Austin City Limits, but didn't really know anything about them...great song! Yay for lovely weather and freshly painted nails too! :)


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