See you, UVU.


We finished our last final yesterday. To celebrate (& to avoid dishes) we enjoyed a evening out at texas roadhouse. I could have steak for breakfast, lunch & dinner for the rest of my life.

Now that the summer is here I am planning on sleeping more. I'll probably sit in our front yard with a nice book & a blanket. Maybe we'll make a spontaneous trip somewhere. I should shave my legs more often. For family home evening, we'll watch the bachelorette & eat ice cream. We might stay up too late. I'm ready for this break.


  1. I also could live off steak. I don't understand how vegetarians do it. Have a wonderful summer and way to survive school :).

  2. What do ya know, I go to UVU too!
    So jealous that you have a summer. I will be at that school all summer. Gah!

    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  3. steak is the solution. also, may i add, a wonderful date food. espeically with lots of sauce on it. real hot.

  4. Have a wonderful summer! I am missing my college summers now that I have graduated and gotten a "big girl job". I have never been to texas roadhouse (gasp!) but I am dying to try it, I love steak too!

  5. If you decide to take that spontaneous trip you should come to Arizona so I can meet you, and give you a baby gift:)


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