the sweetest thing.


i suppose the pregnancy fatigue doesn't only attack me.

Today I am wearing my gym clothes to work with higher hope that I will go directly to the treadmill after I get off.

If anyone is wanting to  know how many nail polish colors i've gone through this week the answer is 4. Shower together, Happy Go Lucky, Re-fresh Mint & now For Audrey. All by China Glaze. I am aware of my problem.

Sunday's are my favorite. McKay & I call them Sweet Sundays because when we were dating it was the only day of the week that we spent all day doing nothing & eating ice cream. They are about the same now. We have realized, being married, we would rather spend time with his family than our friends. 

I heard about pregnancy dreams. I understand now. I robbed Katie Couric last night.


  1. Just so you are aware, I think your problem is contagious. Ever since I've seen your posts about nail polish my nails have changed colors non-stop. And I adore China Glaze.

  2. i love nail polish, you aren't the only one. i have gotten rid of this problem, but i definitely had it until i started doing ceramics because it just tears your hands up.

    you are hilarious. hope you feel better!


  3. Where can you get china glaze? Like what store???? I don't want to go online to get it..... Thanks:)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank-you so much!

  5. I'm wearing For Audrey now(:
    I put it on for prom.
    tis lovely


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