the bachelorette : flock of weirdies.


If you aren't emotionally invested in this season of The Bachelorette, I commend you. This post will not relate to you because I am infected with the disease. So let's enjoy some word vomit.

As always, I'm generally unimpressed with the first episode of every season. Though my top six stayed mostly the same, the remainder of the group made me feel weird.

I was a tiny bit said that Randy (Granny- that was uncomfortable & hilarious) went home. He seemed like goon but the kind you love. 

The first episode was mild. That was everyone's biggest complaint as I've read reviews. It was fine. Emily isn't a spit fire or a nut case. She's super hot but too normal for reality TV.

Oh, episode 2 was charming.

Ryan, you are such a tool box. As he received the first date card he said, "To hear my name called, it was not necessarily a surprise. Much like going into a ballgame, I'm never expecting to lose." I was so disappointed when Ryan & his peacock hair got a rose.

Kermit was a pervert but what can you expect?

Charlie. Charlie, charlie, charlie. He is a winner. I don't necessarily think he is Emily's winner but he is a candidate for the upcoming season of The Bachelor. He is sweet.

Kalon wants a trophy wife so he can go golf & she can drink tea while wearing a huge hat. He is either really gay or really wealthy. Maybe both. "I'm just a little bit more eloquent in how I conduct myself." Oh, can it, Webster.

The mushroom farmer with earrings & a mullet got another rose. ABC's vote. Not Emily's.

Arie wins. He has too.

A 7 page letter after the first date. Yet again, Ryan, you're a creep. Tony should have bailed but I bet Chris Harrison locked him in there.

Emily is nervous, all of the time. I adore her though.

I understand that I need to get a grip & invest my time elsewhere. Cheers to being in love with The Bachelorette.

How are you feeling, fellow addicts? Who do you love or who would you send home?


  1. Jef? Honestly. I'm not obsessed with the extra box of hair on top of his head, and he's a bit short. But ultra genuine. And Charlie is a human I love. It's whatever.

  2. oh my gosh... i couldn't have said it any better myself.

    i couldn't contain myself to hold off until the ending though... so after some research i ended up discovering who emily picks.

    the final 3 are EXACTLY who i said they would be the first episode.

    i totally knew it.

    i won't ruin the surprise for you... but i'm happy with it :)

  3. P.S. THE OSTRICH EGG GUY?! I'm a little uncomfortable with the multiple-meaning metaphor.

  4. ugh i am so glad you wrote about this because all of your thoughts are pretty much the same as mine. mushroom farmer, REALLY? haha seriously that 7 page letter moment was SO awkward but i actually commend tony for sticking around. also, can stevie go home? i hate him. also, his name sucks.

    also, arie and jef are my favorites. by far, really.

  5. I'll just say this. I am definitely on team Not Stevie.

  6. Flock of weirdies is right. I feel..weird about this season.
    Emily wears too much makeup. I like her. But I feel like she would look better without all that makeup ya know? And you're right, she is ALWAYS nervous. It's nice that it's genuine, but it's still kind of awkward. Haha.
    I agree with the comment above. Negative on Stevie. He's gross. And Ryan...I'm just meh about him.
    I like Arie. And Charlie. And Jef. For her? I don't think any of them are her type, but yea...
    And thats my far too long of comment...haha
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  7. I wanted to give Charlie a hug the entire time. weird, I know.
    I like Jef.. finally a normal guy to represent good ol' Utah?! Thank goodness. Even if he only spell his name with one f.
    I think Sean might have a good chance at the win though.
    Stevie makes me want to punch a wall. Do "men" like him come on the show really thinking they have an honest shot? If emily plants one kiss on him I might throw up. Too mean?
    It is going to be a season worth watching for certain.

  8. Stevie is too jersey shore for me. I think he is on the wrong show.

  9. Goodness, this last episode made me fall hard for Charlie. He's so so so so sweet, it makes me melt! So does Arie! I'm hoping Arie wins it all.
    Now Stevie.........bleh. He.....yeah. No words.

  10. the letter was a weird move on ryan's part,
    and his style makes me want to vomit.

    charlie has my heart for the show.

  11. Two episodes and I am hooked!! Charlie melts my heart. Jef seems like he has potential. Stevie gives me the creeps. I was oh so very upset that she kept him around and not Mr. Handsome biology teacher in the glasses, I am assuming she was forced to for a little added drama??

  12. Hahaha took the words out of my mouth. It's gonna be a good season:)

  13. i hate stevie and kalon.
    i loooove doug, charlie, and sean.
    ryan's a tool.
    stevie creeps me out and has a huge ego.
    kalon is a pretty boy and possibly gay.

  14. Jef, Charlie, Arie. If she doesn't pick one of them, I will.

  15. I love Charlie, Arie and Doug that's about it at this point. I think Emily looks like she's had way too much plastic surgery for her own good, plus there is something not right about her teeth...but she is sweet and obviously needs a man, just not sure that the bachelor was the best way to find one...i think Jef is completely not her type and I can't even explain how much I hate people water, so that made me automatically not like him. Stevie has so many things wrong in the head and his voice is peircingly annoying.

  16. I agree with all of this. Ryan is super fake. And Charlie? LOVE him. His shoulders are divine!

  17. This is the first season that I have allowed myself watched the Bachelorette due to the fact that I knew I would get hooked...and I have.
    I adore Arie. So so much. Favorite.
    Charlie is lovely as well.
    Kalon? I hope he trips on his Louis Vuitton suitcase.

  18. I am completely addicted and I feel no shame!
    personally, I love Jef, but my opinions change throughout the entire show so we'll see how long that lasts.
    It's too soon to tell.


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