One more week until The Bachelorette starts. I do love trashy TV, all the way up to Teen Mom. These are my guesses for Emily's pick.

One : Sean
Good face, went to college & no tatts. He looks like a nice boy.

Two : Arie
How innocent does he look? He is either an animal or a kitten on the inside. I can't decide. Plus he is a race car driver. Good one, ABC, good one. That Netherlands accent will make the nation swoon.

Three : Charlie
He sort of looks like a tool bag but an undercover sweetheart. His name is Charlie after all.

Four : Tony
Emily has a nice set of teeth. So does he. Win. He is a lumber trader which is manly.

Five : Randy
I have high hopes for this one. He looks like he has some good jokes up his sleeve. I appreciate funny people. I assume he is funny.

Six : Nate
Eh, leftover smiles are awkward but he sounds nice. He is either really genuine & sweet, or Kacy-weird.

Let's make some bets.


  1. I LIVE for The Bachelor/Bachelorette.
    I also love your blog :]

  2. I agree with you on 1-4. You lost me on the last two.
    I haven't looked at the pool yet... I will do that when I'm done editing and give you my picks.
    I just learned about batch saving. Shoot me now, this is going to save me so much time/I've already wasted too much of my life NOT batch saving.
    Where'd you go today? Missed you.

  3. I love those 6 stealing the picture for my blog :) hope it's okay. I seriously can't wait. The guy i work with love the bachelor and bachelorette! hope i can find a guy who wants to watch it with me and i will go for NUMBER 1... No tats that a huge plus! :)

  4. i looked at these when they came out,
    and arie caught my eye.
    he's definitely my pick.
    also guy from st george? jef? a little strange.

  5. Arie for the win ahaha - though teen mom always wins my trashy tv heart more.

  6. First off, you brighten my life with your blog. Thank you. Second, I love your use of words. And lastly, thanks for being Mormon and sharing this love for trashy TV. I too am a trashy TV loving LDS gal and cannot wait to virtually enjoy this season of the Bachelorette with you. Thanks for being you!

  7. charlie.
    I feel like shawn spencer
    but I can feel this one.
    I bet on him.


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