happy uterus.


I was almost thankful that I left my memory card at home so I wasn't able to document the nerves I was feeling for our first baby appointment.

I was fine. Even after I peed in a tiny cup, I was still fine.

Doctor's of any sort make me terribly nervous. The almost-pleasant receptionist, the florescent lighting, the weird medical magazines & the hotel wall art. It all makes me nauseous.

Being asked to get half naked made me not fine.

Luckily, McKay held my hand & our doctor said my uterus is fantastic & the baby should be happy. Hooray for a low risk pregnancy. (Knock on wood.)

The doctor's guess, without an ultrasound, says we're due on December 27th. We're excited for our Christmas gift.

In 4 weeks, we will be able to hear the heartbeat. I am confident that I will cry.

For those who have had babies in the utah valley area, where do you prefer to deliver?


  1. what a great christmas present!! :)

    i still get nervous at dr's appointments! hearing the heartbeat is the most amazing thing ever! i cried. i cry all the time. no big deal :)

    how are you feeling? i'm so excited for you guys! the first trimester i absolutely hated. i loved our baby. just hated those pregnancy symptoms! second trimester is soooo much better! you'll love it!

    you guys will have to come over in september and get some newborn holding practice in! :) yay! :)


  2. this is so exciting! although i'm secretly jealous i also think you will be a great mom!

  3. Congrats on a healthy pregnancy! If you can, definitely DEFINITELY deliver at Orem Community! Best nurses. Best staff. I delivered my first there, and it was like heaven. Seriously.

  4. totally watched a c-section in human biology today. (as weird as it may sound) and I'm probably the only person who thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread, considering I wanna be a neonatal nurse when I grow up!
    It only made my baby hunger sky rocket and Im only 17.
    my point being. I am SO happy for you meg. I simply cannot wait to see the little bundle of joy. So excited to see you dress that child and see what you guys will name him/her.

    If you need any babysitters. I'm your gal. (:

    1. lexi, honestly.

    2. seriously. what the hell.

  5. What doctors office are you at because that affects where you can have the baby...

  6. How exciting!! My mom is a nurse in labor and delivery at Orem Community... They definitely take great care of you there:)

  7. That's my birthday!

  8. American fork for sure, I had the best nurses in the world I loved it.

  9. American Fork Hospital with the Valley OBGYN group!

  10. Congratulations!!! You two will seriously have the most adorable little nugget ever!

  11. I love Timpanogos so far (I'm due in July)... but we went around and took tours of each hospital (labor and delivery) before we chose. We tried Orem Community, AF & Timpanogos. I fell in love w/ Timp and w/ the nurses there :) I'll let you know how it goes in July!


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