openly in love with aviation.


While McKay lived in the bay area of California, he attended multiple air shows. With a grandpa, & dad who loves aviation, McKay does too.

I've always like flying but the extent of my knowledge has been limited to boarding passes & miniature ginger ales.

We drove an hour & a half to go see the world renowned U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. I quickly fell in love with the opening acts, especially Red Bull's aerial sport pilot, Kirby Chambliss. Flying looks thrilling, like a roller coaster on steroids. 

From being on the Air Force base, I started to crave to know more about planes. Even though I would pee, then pass out, it would be so cool to be a pilot of an F-16. The right wing pilot for the Thunderbirds is a girl, Caroline Jensen, which made me want to throw my fist towards the sky. McKay prefers the A-10. I'll fly the fighter jet. He'll fly the assault jet. We'll live happily ever after.
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Skim this. Or watch the whole thing. They are flawless.


  1. atta girl. it's my heritage in action. so much love for those air force pilots. though, i have to say... the F22s? they'll knock your socks off.

    1. I teach the 7 year olds in primary & I gave one of my boys a tiny module of the F22 today. I haven't seen a Raptor fly but they look like they can cut someone in half. I hear they are about to release the F35 soon.

  2. So cool you guys like this stuff! My husband will commission in the airforce next year and head straight to pilot school to hopefully fly fighters... Oddly enough, he wants the F16 or A10... Haha good choices:) He went up to the airshow and after being soaked by rain for two hours, left and didn't see anything fly! Glad they actually got to fly!


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