our first mother's day. (sort of.)


McKay said he had a mother's day surprise. Considering we are to-be parents, we might as well celebrate. I have been hoping to get a dvd holder from ikea (or maybe just another trip to ikea.) We made a detour & ended up with two baby ducklings.
Say hello to kiwi & custard. They cry when we leave the kitchen floor. We put sugar in their water because that's what we were instructed to do. It's like baby duck crack. They are wired but we love them. They snuggle with us & with each other.

happy mother's day.


  1. Be careful. Sometimes they poop on you and it's gross.
    But they are so cute. :)

  2. That's amazing. Cute! :) We recently bought 2 fish. Our first pets together! :-)


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