9 hours at the hospital.


I understand I look like an almost-dead corpse, but I was almost dead.

You know it's an eventful Sunday when you start it out watching Enchanted. then get rushed to the E.R.

Then, get highly drugged up on morphine.

Then, have an unexpected surgery.

Then, witness a miracle.

Now I'm home, alive, with my new water bottle & uterus.


  1. I've been thinking about you, Megs! Hoping things are going as well as they can!

  2. Uh, IDK what you're talking about, you look great.

  3. Praying for peace and healing Meg!

  4. You are in my prayers Megs. So sorry for your loss. You are an amazing mother and your baby is watching you both, proud of who you are and who will get to be his/her parents in heaven. Thank you for your sweet inspiration and your strength in the Gospel.

  5. Glad things are ok. Been thinking about you all weekend. Hang in there cute girl.


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