I am grateful that my loving Heavenly Father ceased the pain & let me have a full night's rest.

I am grateful that our bathroom is so small. Small enough that McKay sat on the edge of the bath tub holding me so tightly as I sat on the toilet as my body was experiencing mini-labor.

I am grateful for my little co-worker family. So willingly took my shifts & sent us flowers to brighten our kitchen.

I am grateful for our sweet family for their calls & constant support.

I am grateful for McKay snuggling me for hours as a cried. I am grateful that he brought a chair into the bathroom to place the laptop on & sat in the bathtub so we could have our movie date night as I made the toilet my resting place.

I am thankful for the nurse that softly said things didn't look too good but to wait the weekend before scheduling the surgery.

I am thankful for heavy duty, super, diaper pads.

I am grateful in a bittersweet way that I could pass this child by myself, with my husband instead of letting a doctor do it. I feel weak but willing to rely on God. It's nice to have a trial like this to remember how blessed we are. I know we don't have to do this alone & that, in itself, is empowering.

I am grateful for our friends who have continually offered their prayers & support.

I am especially grateful for our friend, Becky. She kept me busy on friday. We enjoyed snow cones & a day at the pool. Last night, as all hell broke loose, she brought miracle diapers & Aleve.

I am so grateful for faith & for the gospel. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was terrified. Absolutely horrified to be responsible for another human being & in honesty, I lacked the confidence that I could. As the weeks went on I mentally prepared to be a mom & became more comfortable with the idea. Though pregnancy always has a risk factor, I thought at 12 weeks I was relatively safe. We are grateful for this opportunity to learn the complete anxiety & joy that comes from being pregnant. With that said, we also see the tremendous blessing it is that this little one went to live back in heaven. I will be able to finish school & I will have more time to enjoy my husband, as newlyweds.

We are excited to be parents someday.

Thank you for all the sweet comments & support.


  1. I felt the spirit as much in the sweet post as I did in sacrament meeting today. Hang in there sweet girl.

  2. you are incredible. your momma is watching over you, that is for dang sure. we all love you, megs.

  3. Meg, the email i sent you didnt go through. But, I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers! You are incredibly strong and I admire you!


  4. I agree. ^... what an amazing couple..keep being strong! my prayers are with you and your sweet family!

  5. Such a sweet, sweet post. Thank you for sharing. Good for you for finding the blessings in all that. :)

  6. hope all will be well with you megan.

  7. Love you meg. We're all here for you!

  8. You are a wonderful woman, Meg.

  9. We love you meg, call us for anything! Love kolt,lys, and soph.

  10. I am sorry this has happened to you Megan. I am glad you are okay. Hang in there. Things will work out how they should in the end. Just have faith!

  11. Meg, I don't really know you, but I admire your writing and your light for life. I'm so sorry you had to experience this, but believe me there's a plan for you. Hang in there, we're all pulling for you!

  12. I'm so proud of you for turning to God instead of away :) I'm also happy for you that you have a wonderful husband to be with you through everything! Husbands are the best :)


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