dear monday,


With no intention to become lethargic, I bailed on day 3 of that cleanse. So did the rest of the girls I was doing it with. Sure, it was lack of motivation & the fact that I hate veggies but I feel fine. I would rather keep working out daily, than giving up my late night ice cream runs. If you do it, let me know how it goes- if you don't die or fail by the end.

Today was the last time for a long time that I will be asked to pee in a cup & read parenting magazines in the lobby. As the doctor's hand was up my hoo-hah, he commented on my orange pants as they were draped over the edge of the chair. I like them better on, doc. Good news, my HCG levels are low & my insides have gone back to their normal size.

I'm currently on season 3 of Prison Break. My health will be glad when I'm finished with all 4 seasons because the anxiety is taking a toll, but my heart will feel empty.

I ate an entire watermelon by myself this weekend.

I wish they would have kept Ryan a bit longer on the bachelorette because counting how many fortune-cookie phrases he could pull out of his buttcrack was entertaining. Oh, i'm so crude.

I am trying to eat healthy but frankly, I just want some french fries.


  1. i never do those cleanses because i just like eating too much. i much rather eat sweets in moderation (sometimes) and work out, than eat food that i don't even like ha ha!

  2. then eat french fries :) no sense in depriving yourself


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