don't call my name, don't call my name, alejandro.


& the schroom farmer from San Fran finally goes. I can feel my heart breaking.

One F finally gets a one on one. I'm glad that he never boobed about only getting group dates. That boy can dress well. I do fancy elbow-patched suits & skinny ties. Their date was sort of dry toast for me. She definitely has the hots for him. I would be team one f for the next bachelor.

Oh, romeo, oh puke. Arie in a dress was hysterical & Kalon being the princess of the day was no surprise. Ryan still looks like a peacock & I generally don't like Shakespeare for dating.

I like Sean. Emily likes Sean. I can't even remember what they did on their date, so my commentary is limited.

Let's bet the whole Kalon blow-up was staged. Emily isn't a drama queen so they hired Kalon.

Wolf in red pants. That is the only thing I noticed during the cocktail party. Red pants.

I'm bored but I like Emily. I hope Ryan does something stupid soon.

Oh, you better believe I'm already so excited for Bachelor Pad. I hear Courtney & Kalon will be making appearances.


  1. I really really really do not like ryan. he's nothing but a charmer. I only care if sean becomes her husband.
    thats all.

  2. Courtney and Kalon sound like a match made in Hell! They're perfect for each other.

  3. Hello! I read this article today and it reminded me of you, since you're both Mormon and a fan of The Bachelorette :) (sorry, it's a forever long link)


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