& the mushroom farmer wins again.


Alejandro got a rose. Charlie didn't. That is something I will never understand.

Oh, I would love nothing more than to scratch Ryan's eyes out. He will be the next bachelor over my dead body. "Cheers to my future trophy wife." Barf.

I still think Arie is absolutely adorable. They kiss a lot.

I thought it was weird that she snuggled with Arie in that blanket, then got cozy with Jef in the same blanket. Community snuggle blankets are meant for girls night only.

Chris looks like a bird. A pointy-faced bird.

Jef needs a hair cut. ABC needs to hire a barber for all of these bad hair do's. I'm not on board with the Jef train.

I'm undecided on Doug. He's exploiting his child to win Emily's heart. It's working.

They drink so much alcohol. All day, e'ry day. Champagne for breakfast. If these guys weren't alcoholics, they are now.

Kalon wears too much chapstick & too much plaid. He is so elegantly disgusting.

Did anyone else see Ricky pick her wedgie on national TV? Good one, ABC.

Even though this season is lukewarm with any sort of chaos, it's been my favorite season yet.


  1. i liked charlie, but i just felt bad for him the whole time. i'm glad music mike is gone. i love arie so hard. jef does have bad hair, and i've heard some creeper things about him...

  2. Jef went to high school with my sister, and we are all pretty much hatin on him. I can't handle his hair. Also, Charlie was my favorite and I'm a little too upset he is gone.

  3. Who the heck even is Alejandro...they don't do anything with him except flash his abnormal occupation across the screen and then his face when he gets a rose (for a reason I still have yet to figure out). Chris literally is an animal...he looks like a fox. Kalon looks sweaty slash greasy all the time. I totally pointed out the whole blanket thing too! I thought it was more than a little weird. Ryan makes me gag and I can't figure out if he's still around because of ABC or her. She seems smarter than that. I'm glad we have similar feelings. That is all.

  4. I love sean. He is sooo adorable and just seems soo darn sweet. Alejandro creeps the heck outta me. Watch the episode again. The look he gives her when she says his name at the rose ceremony. Total creep status. oh and. My sister totally knows jeff too. when they said he's from salt lake they lied. he's from provo.

  5. I thought the same thing about the blanket. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  6. Agreed that Doug is exploiting his kid, but I wanted to smack Chris for pulling a confrontation over the age issue. So high school. I think my roommates and I are going to be making a dartboard of Ryan's head shot.

  7. I'm dying about this. Seriously. You hit everyone of them right on. Also, Charlie?? It broke my little heart. They're giving Arie too much camera time which probably means he won't even be chosen. Maybe the next bachelor, they want everyone to like him. My money's on Sean at the moment.

  8. i can't handle kalon anymore.
    every time he opens his mouth it makes me want to gouge my eyes.


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