i wanted to kiss every one of my co-workers right on the forehead today. How nice it is to be back.

i came home from work, snuggled with McKay & he is still napping.

i am so glad we had our chaotic weekend because i've been searching for the perfect water bottle & apparently the hospital stocks them. Plan your next trip to the E.R.

it's a million degrees.

this place gets awkward when we run out of toilet paper.

(because every girl needs an excuse) I went & got a pedicure yesterday. I decided on gold glitter because it's a thing right now. Every time I look at my toes I want to start singing, "She ain't nothing but a gold digger."

McKay just twitched. I love sleeping twitches.

Buying otter pops for just the two of us was the best decision. I don't have to fight anyone for the blue or pink.

If you want to invest in some awesome underwear, the birthing kind from the hospital are made of cloud. Forget Vicky's semi-annual sale this weekend.

I discontinued anonymous comments because if you can't stick your name to your opinion you don't even deserve to have one.

I'll never have an organized blogs with topics worth reading. Whate'er.

Also, is the iPhone 4S worth it? I am getting impatient & I don't want to wait for the 5 to come out, so the 4S drops in price.


  1. without being a nosy pest and delving into it, is everything okay? and what happened?

    1. I assume by "what happen" you mean over the weekend,

      Long story, shortened, but not short.

      I started spotting on friday morning. Called the nurse. Went to the OB. I should be measuring at 12 weeks. My uterus was only measuring 9 & the baby was only 5. They said take the weekend to prepare for a miscarriage & we will schedule a D&C for this coming week. I went into miscarrying-labor on Saturday night. I thought I passed the majority of it. Sunday, my breathing became shallow & the bleeding was really heavy. McKay took me to the E.R. I was extremely dehydrated. They performed an emergency D&C. All is well. We'll be parents when we are suppose to be.

    2. I'm so sorry. Glad everything is better now. Also I love my brand spanking new 4S. Worth it times 10. You will be smitten with it as silly as that sounds.

  2. The iPhone 4S is soooo worth it! You will love it!

  3. Feel better soon, I can't imagine how you must feel.

  4. I have a 4 and I love it. My cousin has a 4s and I honestly can't tell the difference. The only problem I have with it is its only 8 gigs and since my ipod broke, my phone is my only source of music and its a constant struggle of having enough memory for random pictures and apps. But thats honestly my only complaint with it.

  5. I totally agree with the bit about anonymous comments. Usually the only reason people remain anonymous is to be rude. And if you cant man up and say what you're going to say while your identity is clear you should not be allowed to say it at all. Good plan.

  6. The anonymous commentators are always jerks. I'm glad you're okay.


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