Acronyms & beauty queens.


Welcome to a list of stupid things that happens in society.

Unnecessary "haha"ing & general texting mishaps.
1: Acronyms. Every IDK or LOL that you send a brain cell dies.
2: There is a false precept that in any situation that isn't lighthearted, you need to insert a, "haha."
"Want to go to lunch?"
"Haha, no. I can't."
I'm sorry, I missed the humor in that.
3: Faces via colons, parentheses & semicolons can be appropriate, sort of. Nevermind. It's juvenile but I understand the use. For example, take the phrase. "I'd like to see you tonight."
"I'd like to see you tonight. :)" Flirtatious enough but not overbearing.
"I'd like to see you tonight. ;)" RAPE.
"I'd like to see you tonight. :(" Oh, please let us save this failing relationship.

Gym Etiquette.
1: I understand not wanting to look like crap at the gym, however, I don't understand going to the gym like it's your boyfriend. I'm going to start bringing extra hair bands to tie back the luscious locks of the ladies who are there to socialize. Take off your victoria's secret sweat suit & go get on the damn treadmill.

to be continued, someday.


  1. i tried so hard to be one of those people who didn't send a :)
    then one day it happened and I just sat there and stared at how retarded a smiley looked in a text message.

    Let's get rid of phones and say hello to more face to face conversations

  2. haha I love this. especially the take off your sweat suit and get on the damn treadmill! so true.

  3. Megan humor. It's the best kind.
    I concur.

  4. Hahaha, I am literally laughing out loud. Too good.

  5. LOL @ the whole bit about the gym. It is SO true!

  6. so i have been a follower of your blog from the beginning.. and i remember reading a post that said you didn't swear.

    what happened?

  7. You are too cute. Thanks for making me laugh. I feel like we should be better friends so that when I get married we can double!

  8. I agree with the swearing part.
    You said you didn't
    I'm a bit confused.

  9. I've picked up a bad habit. It happens. I'm working on it.

    1. i do not like these anonymous comments. Let Meg do what she wants, believe it or not, she makes some of us laugh.... hysterically!

  10. haha, i love this. however i think you were so fired up about the gym etiquette one that your spelling skills went under. it should be: "...luscious locks of the ladies who are THERE to socialize."

    i don't judge you. just wanted to help you out. i love you and your blog.

  11. People. Give her a damn break. She's a human and I can pretty well bet my tush that you've slipped from time to time. Take a laxative. Go brush your luscious locks over there. Their. They're. Who gives a cuss.

  12. Wow. I totally agree with the Gym Etiquette.


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