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Meet Becky. We're the best of friends.
I understand the vanity & surface-value stupidity that is tied to getting your nails done. It's over-priced & doesn't last very long. That aside, every girl should get her nails done every once in a while. I, being a amateur nail polish connoisseur, really love the idea of shellac. It lasts forever & you don't have to worry about smudges. I do not like the idea of spending $30 to get it done. Good news, I have a solution. T&T Nails. It's only $15 for the Shellac & they have over 150 colors. It's worth the drive to Salt Lake. 
Every time I am in Salt Lake I stop by The London Market for a dipped flake & mint aero bar. Inside of The London Market you can also find Elizabeth's Bakery. Best coconut macaroons ever. EVER. 

Cake macaroon's are cute. Too bad Gourmandise Bakery doesn't produce tasty macaroon's. They are picture worthy but not worth the calories. Fail.


  1. your nails look soooo good. love them!


  2. my aunt owns the elizabeths bakery! i sure love it :)
    p.s. love the nails.

  3. love the mint colored nails! wish the ppl i went to did that good!
    ever heard of kneaders? sooo good


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