happy six months (a second time.)


Today, we have been married for 6 months. (Even though last month I also thought it was our six month mark. Embarrassing.) Yesterday we celebrated.

We went to Aristo's in Salt Lake for dinner. I was overall impressed. It didn't leave me with that I'm-going-to-die-&-I'll-never-eat-there-again feeling like Cafe Rio does. It was light & healthy but I didn't feel like I was eating rabbit food.

What's more romantic than shooting things to pieces? I do not know.

We love each other.


  1. Hahaha last month when you got mixed up. That cracked me up.
    you two are cute.
    Happy 6 months!

  2. where are you oxfords from?? i have been looking for some cute ones, also are they super comfortable? say i am leaving on my mission on wednesday and i want oxfords to add to my wardrobe... would they be good for walking A LOT like a sis. missionary?

  3. I have always wanted to try Aristos. Glad you liked it! You two are pretty much the cutest, most fun couple ever.

  4. I know this is nosy nosy nosy, but I'd like to take you up on your 'finals' advice, and make myself an appointment at Alpine Spinal Rehab - but I can't find the $12 specials you talk about. How did you get that special?

    Thanks for the help!

  5. i love that you guys went shooting together! i must marry a man like that

  6. Mckay looks like Adam Levine in that first picture of him.

  7. Where did you get those adorable stripy pants? I need probably need a pair. I'll be calling and texting and bugging you about them for days. So cute.


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