i've been sleeping more & blogging less.


I think in my entire history of blogging, I've never disappeared for nine days without a warning. Sorry.

I enjoyed the sun & rain of St. George over the weekend.
That deserves it's own post.

We bought a new car.
I named the Civic Florence.
McKay doesn't like that.

I keep falling asleep before midnight.
I would say I have mono,
or just a regular bedtime.

I am absolutely devastated that the moose bar sale is over.
5 for a dollar?
What a sick joke.

My nose is peeling.

I bought more nail polish.
I am an addict.
I'm  overall disappointed with Essie.
Target is more tempting than Walmart.
If they wouldn't put cute patterns on worthless things,
I would need to buy everything.

I love doing laundry.

McKay is snuggled up in bed still.
Sometimes I will kiss his face while he is sleeping.
He twitches then cocoons himself underneath the blanket.
I laugh.

High waisted pants make me have mom-bum.
I wear them anyway.


  1. I LOVE target. So much. Target needs to stay open 24 hrs instead of walmart. or they both could I guess. I wish the walmart in Lindon and the target in AF would switch places.
    Target wins.

  2. Im sad you dont love essie. Its my fav, but to each their own. I wont judge you.
    Blog more!

  3. Glad you're back in the blogging business, Meg. We missed you!


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