lighthearted & short(ish) answered questions.


What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Canon Rebel T1I. Most of my pictures are shot with the 50mm lens.

Where can I get the $12 massage mentioned here?
Alpine Spinal Rehabilitation Center. I know it sounds bizarre but a massage is a massage.

Your thoughts on Emily choosing Jef with one F.
I wasn't always on the Jef train. Admittedly due to his huge hair. However, they are beating ABC. They took off to Africa a few days ago to avoid the press & to enjoy each other. He seems like a nice enough guy & I like Emily. I hope they get married (& move to utah.) If I had to choose between Arie & Jef, I would choose Jef. I liked Arie but he started getting a little weird. I don't think he is Bachelor material but you better believe Sean is. Blessings to Emef/Jemily.

If McKay was a zombie, would you still love him?
Yes but unfortunately I would have to cut off both of his arms & his jaw. (Holler to my Walking Dead fans.)

What was your other blog called?
Knock yourself out. Here it is.

Have you considered writing a book?
Yes, then I get bored.

What's your favorite type of music?
Anything is a stupid answer but it's the truth. I like Lil Wayne & Kate Nash.

How do you feel when people tell you they "look up to you" especially young girls who read and adore your blog?
Really weird if you are looking for honesty & intimidated. I don't blog to inspire others. I blog to blog. When I hear others look up to me it only helps me strive to be a better person that day. I'm so flawed & I'm okay with that but I wouldn't want to let these girls down.

Dream Job?
A lifestyle journalist downtown any city. I wouldn't mind making starbucks runs every morning & wearing a pencil skirt for the rest of my life. Or a pastry critic.

Would you & McKay ever move to the UK?

In a heartbeat. No questions asked.

Names you are interested in for boys?
I assume you mean small, new to the world boys. I love the names William, Knox & Maxwell.

How are your teeth so white?
I use Crest Whitening Strips, in vain.

What are you best tips for your hair?
I've never been asked this. A 2 inch curling iron & no hair spray.

Favorite dirty joke? 
That's what she said.

Plans for the next year?
If we spontaneously move out of state, so be it. We are taking fall off from school to ponder on what we are wanting to waste our money on as far as a degree. I'd like to buy a cat.

I will have to put more effort into upcoming posts such as sex, religion, marriage & the requested break up. Also a post with less-fluffy questions like body image & rough days.

(PS. Your questions are superb. Thank you, thank you.)


  1. Maybe it's just me, but I think you should think very very carefully about what you will write on this blog regarding sex Megan. It is a beautiful and sacred thing, and sure we shouldn't be afraid to discuss it, but I hardly think it should be addressed on a blog. But hey, I'm not the one writing. I sure do love this blog and would hate to have to stop reading it.

    1. I don't mean to be insensitive but I'm not going to write about sex with the mindset of trying not to offend.

    2. Kudos to Meg.

    3. Thats exactly it. Why even write about it. It's not something that you should talk about on a blog. It really isn't.

    4. I understand that sex is a sacred but it is also something that shouldn't be swept under the rug. I would like to know where exactly it should be addressed?

    5. I say talk about sex all you want on your blog. you are married and having sex with your husband is a great thing. actually it makes your relationship stronger. so... please write all you like about sex. I won't be offended.

    6. it should be addressed in intimate settings and not on a public blog that just anyone can read. people will ask other people that they trust will give them good information, and whom they can trust. for example, I talk to my sister about it. she is married and knows a great deal more about it than i. but you're mature, and you'll figure out what to say without using too much personal information. and you're also right. it shouldn't be swept under the rug.

    7. It's not like she's going to give us graphic details about her sex life! She's not going to violate herself.

      Certain information should be attainable.

  2. the sex and breakup are what i've been wanting to know about most.
    but i felt too rude asking so i never did.

  3. do you go to the gym by yourself or with a friend? and if you need a gym buddy, pick me. i like to go with a friend to push each other and get the best work out in possible.

    also, i am getting married in two weeks. any great advice??

  4. Tell us more about your 7 best friends. Not that this is one of them. I just hear they are really, really great.

  5. I love your blog :) mostly because of the honesty of your posts! Keep it up, and don't let ignorant anonymous commenters play a factor in the subject of your posts!! Love you:)

  6. Also, you reply to mean/rude comments with such elegance! I am amazed by your intelligence. You are amazing!!


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