aimless, again.


I have a list of thoughts that have been floating that are too short for blog posts & the concept of "tweeting" is stupid so here is another unorganized, aimless blog post.

one : I really like zumba, despite that I look ridiculous. I'm too tall to dance but I do it anyway. I don't advise going to the dirty dance class at Gold's if you're uncoordinated. It's dangerous.

two : Since the baby hunger has passed, I feel the need to travel the world. We have been looking a tiny apartments on the west coast, specifically Washington. I wouldn't mind living about a coffee shop or trying new cafes every weekend.

three : I understand why they cast hot, young actors & actresses for romance films. I went & saw Hope Springs with Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones for girls night. There is something really weird about two old people making out. I prefer Channing Tatum or Emma Stone. Or anyone under the age of 50.

four : Considering summer is the worst season for TV, I am re-watching Prison Break because I feel empty without it. I'm ready for Modern Family & The Walking Dead.

five : An apartment without AC makes snuggling less frequent. Fail.

six : Go find yourself a piece of man & go see Nitro Circus. So cool- if you are into explosions & dangerous things.

seven : Bath & Body Works came out with their fall line of smell goods. I am ready for boots, scarfs & defrosting the car. I am anxious for Starbucks holiday hot chocolate & taping our stockings to the window sill. I'm going to buy a white Christmas tree. The feeling of coming out of the gym when it's 30 degrees is wonderful. I avoid the gym because it's hot everywhere. I'm ready to pick out pumpkins & going to the Haunted Forest just to hold McKay's hand.


  1. i just recently started watching prison break and it is amazing! wentworth is a genius and i can't get enough of that show. but i agree, i am quite ready for modern family to come back on tv.

  2. Three things:
    1. Zumba rocks
    2. Washington is great. Coffee shops everywhere.
    3. I'm glad you saw Nitro Circus. Because like Zumba, it rocks.

  3. Nitro Circus surprisingly kind of rocked my world!
    And in reply to your number 7? Yes. Yes. Yes.

  4. I think the leaves candle is my favorite!

  5. where is nitro circus?! you know how i love things like that, i can't believe you didn't tell me! text me the deets homie!

    1. babe, it's showing at the Lehi theater.

  6. fall time is always my favorite. I miss it once december strikes. but I love winter just as much! I'd do anything to live october through april on replay. I have ALWAYS wanted to get a white Christmas tree. But pine tree's, like the fresh kind, don't come in white so we always choose the fresh sent of pine streaming through our house every year (:

  7. How tall are you?

  8. i'm applying to nursing school in washington too! if we both end up there let's be friends. and yes i am secretly really wanting to go see nitro-circus too!

  9. sure glad I wasn't the only one watching Hope Springs thinking, "ehhhh grandparents macking is awful" when I guess I was supposed to think it was cute.


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