I should tweet. I would be so good at it.


I wish Netflix offered The Price is Right with Bob Barker. Or maybe only the episodes when they played Plinko.

I told my 7 year old Sunday school class that I brought playdough for an object lesson. I really bought it just to play with.

I thought about being vegan but accidentally went to Cafe Rio. My dedication to meat is too high & butter & all things bad for me from animals.

My new favorite time waster is watching youtube vloggers. If you have any favorites, let me know. I also watch a ridiculous of beauty vloggers. I'm not sure why.

McKay & I realized we need newlywed friends that don't have tiny ones. We like you parents but you're curfew is up when the babysitter's parents say so.

Groupon will be the death of me.

I feel sort of weird that the entire blogosphere is about marketing instead of substance. Sponsor this & that, linking up, & guest posts. It's smart if you intent it to increase your readers but I don't understand it.

We are finally going on a honeymoon to the most romantic city in the US; Grand Junction, Colorado. We are going to see the Blue Angels & I couldn't be more excited.

I'm rambling. Blame it on the nyquil.


  1. don't tweet. it's better to be part of the crowd that doesn't tweet, because then our wittiness stays our own. trust me.

  2. okay my favorite pastime is watching beauty vloggers on youtube so here you go:

    My favorite for legit, good makeup tutorials is Pixiwoo. Two sisters who are actual makeup artists and they do incredible looks. Not to mention they look like models.

    Pixi2woo is their sister in law. She is also awesome and so pretty.

    Other good ones are Michelle1218 (cool hauls), Allthatglitters21 (soft makeup), Missglamorazzi (just started watching her but seems sweet), Xsparkage (really cool hair), Checkinthemirror (just started watching her too but her husband is hot and so is she), Makeupgeektv (amazing weightloss story and relaly good at makeup), Meganheartsmakeup (pretty young but I like her fashion style and hair), AndreasChoice (I wanna be her friend and she is GORGEOUS), atKristaBradford (hair tutorials), beautydept (the whole Lauren Conrad website thing), BrittneyWins (really cool chick and gorgeous eyes), Chloemorello (so gorgeous and does victoria's secret models looks), Carlibel55 (awesome hair), CuteGirlsHairstyles (exclusively hair tutorials and they're from Utah!), cutepolish (I know you like nail polish and she has awesome tutorials), DiamondsandHeels14 (can be somewhat obnoxious but has TONS of info on skincare), gossmakeupartist (a guy which can sometimes be strange when he does makeup tutorials on himself but like pixiwoo he is a real makeup artist and has good tips), kandeejohnson (I love her, she is super nice and you should especially check out her halloween tutorials. Edward Scissorhands. DEAD), Letsmakeitup1 (tons of hair tutorials that are really awesome. She did a bunch from pretty little liars and gossip girl as well as the braids from Hunger Games), Lisafreemontstreet (does old hollywood looks), Luxyhair (some makeup tutorials but mostly hair), MMandLshow (Michelle Money and her friend Lauren! They are hilarious and have tutorials and stuff), petrilude (he is awesome. He does everything from drag, to halloween to normal tutorials. I love him), xrubyredlips (she is really pretty and has awesome hair but I mostly like listening to her accent)

    My favorites are pixiwoo, pixi2woo, petrilude and kandeejohnson. Have fun!

  3. I'm so glad you mentioned your dislike of sponsoring and linking and such. I don't understand it either.

  4. juicystar07 is my favorite beauty vlogger. Also......Jenna Marbles.

  5. you said it first. let's double date. why fight the urge? ha ha

  6. i agree with the whole marketing deal instead of substance. its strange.

  7. I love funny vloggers. If you do then I have so many suggestions.

    Dailygrace, communitychannel, djflula, coffeychat, mirandasings08, nanalew, meekakitty, MrArturoTrejo, TrejoTreats, glozell1, charlieissocoollike, livelavalive

    that's all i can think of right now. my favorites right now are coffeychat, communitychannel, and djflula.

  8. Chad and I decided that we just need more newlywed friends:)...too bad Utah and Maryland are so far away...

  9. Dear Meg,
    I think you're great. :)

  10. noone is better than our boy gregorygorgeous. well our girl.

  11. I don't think people are trying to make you feel weird about their blogs and the lack of substance. A lot of people use them for business and marketing products, which is why they link up & do guest posts. I think it depends on your blog and where you want it to go.

  12. Collin and I are looking for newlywed friends as well. Let's get together!

  13. watch Miranda Sings on youtube. She is SO funny!

  14. Mr. Arturo Trejo is my youtube addiction. He is so witty and fantastic. he and Olan Rodgers


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